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Summer 2014: Lotsa STUFF!

Summer's here! You sure won't hear me complaining. Though it must be the New Englander in me that's too superstitious to pack away the wool socks and long underwear juuust yet. (We should be safe come July.)

Happy Spring!

The snow has melted! Spring is here! Iced caffeine beverages are feelin' like a reasonable thing, and I doubt I'm the only actor who rejoices in no longer changing in and out of audition shoes and winter boots wherever I go.

I'm Nominated! Uh-GAIN!

Wow! Well this just... willikers!

I've Won!

So the NH Theatre Awards were Saturday, January 25th at the Stockbridge Theatre in Derry, NH. I went along with four colleagues from Advice to the Players, including fellow nominees Candace Clift, Mark Woollett, and John Schnatterly (Best Actress, Best Director/Best Production, and Best Actor noms, respectively). And.... I won!

12th Annual New Hampshire Theatre Awards!

I am SO excited: I'm a finalist!

I'm honored to have received my second nomination for Best Actress in a Professional Drama/Comedy for the role of Cassius in Julius Caesar, which I performed last March with Advice to the Players.

"Jingle Bells, Jingle-Yay, Jingle-Good for you!" ~Leslie Knope

I happen to really love the holiday season. Even if it means driving in snowy-slush-yuck to get to auditions (for which I am incredibly grateful).

Remember the NE Lottery commercial I did this summer? I finally tracked down links to both spots currently airing on TV (that I know of. If you've seen different ones, let me know). So flashing back to summer/autumn, here ya go!
:04 and :21

Summer Re-Cap and a Game-Changer!

Ah. Chilly nights. Back to school sales (POST-IT NOTES, PLEASE). Pumpkin-spiced EVERYTHING (though I still prefer coconut, even in the dead of winter). Autumn is one of my favorites, and a good time to look back on a productive summer and announce some big news.

"The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize" ~Clairee

Steel Magnolias has opened! Only three shows left (including tonight) in beautiful Tamworth, NH. Sure it happens to be raining, all the better reason to see a play! I'm so grateful to be playing Annelle, who has been fun and challenging, and to be working with a knock-out ensemble of ladies I adore, as well as my favorite director (who maaay have been my adviser in college, too!). It's been an blast at the Barnstormers this past week and a half. Yes, that's all! One week stock at its finest. There's still time for tickets

Pumkins, Cotton Looms and Hair-dos!

No, it's not a weird corner of your Scrabble game, or an inexplicable (New England?) shopping list, nor is it your list of things to get done for Halloween (though it is coming!).

It's my summer line-up! And it's far more fun than should be possible in this very non-New-Englandy weather.

Blow wind, swell billow, and swim bark..."

And melt, snow. I'm sure Shakespeare meant that as well.

Life of Riley came to a graceful end after an eventful beginning. With a blizzard deciding to take part in our opening weekend, and a last minute replacement during said blizzard, it was a show that kept us all on our toes, but on it went! Some nice reviews:

The Boston Globe: "David J. Miller’s deft direction finds just the right blend of tragedy and hilarity in Ayckbourn’s play about three couples coping with the news of their mutual friend’s impending death."

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