More spring updates

Lots more spring updates!

1. On June 20th, Evan performed in the Ken Davenport Ten-Minute Play Contest. Evan played Douglas Wright (or "Mr. Right") in "Meeting Mr. Right". The piece was written by Broadway veteran Stephan Deghelder and directed by Broadway veteran Dennis Grimaldi, and the performance was attended by a wide array of heavy-hitting industry professionals.

2. On July 27, Teatro will perform at the beautiful Music by the Lake in Williams Bay, Wisconsin. The show will feature new music direction by the brilliant David Pearl, sparkling new band arrangements by our Zimbabwean friend Roz Whaley, and a stunning new lighting design by Jamie Roderick.

3. Steal a Pencil for Me was a tremendous success! What an honor to perform alongside such extraordinary musicians, and to pay homage to such a heart-wrenching and inspiring story.

4. Hairspray at New Stage was a blast. The show's original run was COMPLETELY sold out, so it was extended. Then the extension sold out completely too! Jackson has such a wonderfully supportive artistic community, and it is a joy to be a part of it.

5. You can now check out Stocks and Bods, which generated enormous web traffic and even stirred up some controversy: Stocks and Bods.