Monty, Guest, Burning Up, Teatro

What a busy summer! After finishing up Hairspray in Jackson and Meeting Mr. Right in NYC, Evan played Keno in The Full Monty at Barnstormers, traveled to beautiful Lake Geneva to sing a fantastic performance with Teatro, and then returned to Barnstormers to play Maj. Julian Farrar in Agatha Christie's The Unexpected Guest. It was an exciting few months: the shows were successful, the work was varied and enriching, and Evan's fellow performers were a wonderful collection of brilliantly talented friends new and old.

Up next, Evan will play Brad (the "hunky handyman") in Burning Up, a short musical film by Pamela Grayson and Rick Bassett, directed by Mark Lichtenstein and produced by Zoe Samuel.

Teatro also has some exciting upcoming performances. Stay tuned!

Have a wonderful end-of-summer, everyone!