Luxury Cruise, and concerts with Teatro!

On September 21, Evan will travel to Zimbabwe via London and South Africa to perform as a sub with Teatro! This four-man vocal group is composed primarily of leading men from London's West End, has a #1 album in South Africa, and has sold over a million albums worldwide. The concerts will benefit Kidzcan Zimbabwe, an organization committed to improving the lives of children suffering from cancer. Check out Teatro's performance for the Queen of England on the Royal Variety Show.

Evan will then head to Rome, Italy to perform for six months as the lead male vocalist on the Silver Wind, an ultra-luxury cruise ship. Destinations include Athens, Corsica, Istanbul, Egypt, Dubai, Bombay, Sri Lanka, Mombasa, Zanzibar, Mauritius, Madagascar, South Africa, the Canary Islands, Casablanca, and MANY others. Should be quite an adventure!

In other news, both A Funny Thing...Forum and All Shook Up were great successes! Check out some production photos in the Media section of this site, as well as a review of All Shook Up and a publicity photo atop a pretty sweet Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Happy Fall, everyone!