Zimbabwe, Silver Wind, and Gold in the Hills

After nearly a year of dashing from one overlapping job to another--from New Hampshire to Florida to Zimbabwe to Rome to countless exotic cities throughout Europe, Arabia, India, and Africa--Evan is finally back in New York.

While in Zimbabwe to help fundraise for Kidzcan this past fall, Evan and the other members of Teatro gave masterclasses, visited impoverished child cancer patients in the hospital, interacted with some of the incredible people who dedicate their lives to helping these children and their families, and in two concerts raised over $50,000. The selflessness and dedication of those involved with Kidzcan was absolutely extraordinary. Please visit http://www.kidzcanzimbabwe.org/ for more information, and to learn how you can contribute to this amazing cause.

After an epic journey back to the USA (via Harare, Johannesburg, Cairo, NYC, and Fort Lauderdale), Evan dove back into rehearsals with Jean Ann Ryan Productions. After a flurry of rehearsals, the cast flew to Rome, boarded the Silver Wind, and embarked on the adventure of a lifetime. A few highlights included: dune bashing in Abu Dhabi, indoor skiing at the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai, going on safari in Mombasa (Kenya) and Hluwluze (South Africa), having brunch at the Taj Mahal Palace Mumbai, hiking Table Mountain in Cape Town, visiting Ephesus, Petra, Jerusalem, the Pyramids, Luxor, and Valley of the Kings, feeding lemurs in Madagascar, and going sherry tasting and attending the Royal Dancing Horses of Andalucia in Cadiz. Pretty amazing!

Up next, Evan will return to the Barnstormers Theatre to perform in Gold in the Hills by J. Frank Davis. A 1929 straight play in the form of an 1890s melodrama, this next show will be a radical departure from the Beatles/Elton John/Ricky Martin/Frank Sinatra/Michael Bublé repertoire on the Silver Wind! Evan will portray the hero John Dalton, a "son of the soil...honest--generous--noble--brave." Should be a blast!

On another note, the link to the All Shook Up review in the previous update has malfunctioned. This has now been fixed, so now you can check out our review and publicity shot atop a rockin' Harley.

Happy Spring, everyone!