Happy New Year!

Evan hit the ground running upon returning to the USA! First, Gold in the Hills at the Barnstormers Theatre was an absolute blast! Evan shared the stage with some extraordinary veterans of stage and screen, and as the hero in the melodrama, ran the gamut from singing several lovely ballads to smashing a window with a chair, brandishing a gun at a gang of ruffians, and choking a mustachioed villain. Melodramas are too much fun for words.

Evan then returned to New York City, but not for long! He hit the road again, this time singing several private concerts with Teatro in Virginia, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Jordan, Israel, and Egypt. It was truly a joy to make music with such magnificent performers.

Evan then returned to the New England Theatre Conference convention, where he adjudicated the Olympiad and taught a musical theatre performance masterclass to high school performers. As always, it was refreshing to see such unbridled enthusiasm bursting from these young students! Evan also sang a tribute to Jason Robert Brown, who was the guest of honor. Performing "Someone to Fall Back On", notoriously one of JRB's favorite songs, for Jason, as well as for Christian Borle and several other theatre luminaries, was quite an adventure.

Stay warm, everyone!!!